Time Management

Mar 18, 2013

I am being a night owl since weeks and it really sucks. I really feel bad about it later and wanted to manage my time.We , the Muslims, should never say that WE ARE BORED.... we have to utilize our time and use our health and energy for our religion and for the basis Allah has sent us for. No human being is send to this Earth without any duty he/she has to perform and these all words are fact of life and hence I feel ashamed of how I am misusing my energy and time in really useless ways.
While googling through the net, I found a best idea here and am so much impressed that how easy and well illustrated way the writer has described the Time Management Tips.
1. Analysing the Time: For this we have to take record in our diary about how we spend our daily routine even realizing how much time we MOSTLY waste on certain stuff.

2. Cutting Back unproductive demands: Now by taking note of what we really do each day and seeing a list of our noted activities, we can find it easy to cut back un productive demands, e.g. browsing on net for so much time, back biting, etc etc.We should not cut back on THINGS RELATED TO ALLAH and ISLAM.

3. Aiming to complete the task at large chunk of time: (I am copying here what the ebook says):

Isn't it annoying when you are working really hard on something, and you really get into it (sometimes called being in 'The Zone'), only to be interrupted by a phone call or an e-mail or text alert?! This third tip basicallysays that you should try to block o" time in large chunks (some people suggest that 90 minutes is the 
maximum they can concentrate at one time, but that's 90 minutes of uninterrupted time). This technique will help you achieve much more by doing less, simply because you're more focused on one task at a time. Doing one task in an hour, will end up taking you 4 hours if you are interrupted every 10-15 minutes. To help you block your time, please refer to the Taskinator on our website.

The Taskinator: helped me divide time into four aspects; a)Islam b)Family c)Work and d)Personal Development.
I could, instead of writing this whole topic in details, share ONLY the link of ebook but who knows if the link is not available later on...so I thought better to present my own views in shadow of this ebook too. 

So sisters please pray I organize my time accordingly. Ameen.
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Hijab for Chubby Face?

Mar 15, 2013
I am just bored of how I simply wrap hijab around my head, tried different ways but I hate putting pins around, what if they pinch me or my lil one or maybe drop on floor and someone gets hurt, secondly I noticed that we don't get extra long hijab easily which covers the chest, thirdly I noticed that tight hijabs don't look good on chubby faces.
So I looked on google by typing Hijab on Chubby face and saw lot of good images and tutorials and found out that loose curl hijabs look good on such face. I do wear niqaab as well but want to style hijab nicely in case I go to someone's home. 

I loved the images here....not posting direct pics in case model minds....

AND specially loved some here and here

Check this for info on hijab according to face shape.....
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