DIY Underarm Scented Powder

Mar 16, 2017

I  bought Phitkari Powder (Alum in English?  ) from some herbalist shop in my locality. It can be in hard as well as powdered form. I bought the powdered one. It has no smell itself but it also helps in diminishing underarm smells. Tried and tested. This time I spray Arq e Gulab (Rose Water) over it and it smells so good. Thought I should share it with all my blog followers. It is not a diy from scratch but some home remedy kinda sharing. Hope it is helpful idea for someone looking for natural sunstitute for  branded sprays and all.

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Kitchen Cabinets Organization

Mar 13, 2017

Finally I got the time to reorganize my kitchen cabinets. I first of all got rid of all unnecessary items and tried my best to adopt minimalism (you will now on read this word a lot on my blog these days). The picture is taken from Internet but mine are not that attractive ,maybe will either put sticker or buy new ones some day if it's written in my fate... (who knows!!!)
Anyways I have organised in following categories:
1. 2 shelves for spices
2.1 shelf for baking items and legumes
3.1 shelf for tea items
4. 2 shelves for main dishes.
5. 1 shelf for guest serving crockery
6. 1 shelf for thermos and trays
7. 1 shelf for food containers and family lunch boxes.
8. 1 shelf for disposable plates,spoons and glasses etc (if there is shortage of water in building or I am too busy (or in no mood) to wash dishes.
9. 2 shelves for machinery
10. 2 shelves for pots
11. 1 shelf for pans and plastic bowls/strainers etc
12. 1 shelf for oils and sprays etc
Now in drawers:
a. 1 drawer for cooking spoons and related items.
b. 1 drawer for gadgets
c. 1 drawer for plastic bags and storage bags
d. 1 drawer for wholesale soaps, toothpastes, sponges and dishcloths
e. 1 drawer for bakhoor items, pen and paper

Oh while listing all these I do realize that this sounds like as if I have lot of stuff in kitchen but believe me ... I have LESS of everything plus It is easier to know where EXACTLY is something instead of digging in shelf for various things.

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