Happy Ramadan

Aug 7, 2011

Alhamdulillah the beautiful month is here, though this month is harder on us as we have to fast and keep away from food. You won't believe it that it is 48 degree temperature in Jeddah. I want to avoid kitchen or have to prepare super fast recipes.

Speaking of recipes what you guys prepare? Well for us, soup, fruit chat are must...rest we have pakodas or dhai bdde on alternate days.

I was thinking that we are enthusiastic about preparing delicious food for sehri and iftar, but are we also preparing for the REAL SOUL of Ramadan?

I recite Quran , each juzz per day with Urdu Translation. I have a tip, I recite ONE RUBBA (there are four divisons of each juzz) after each prayer, alhamdulillah it has worked for me well.

Really don't engage yourself so much in cooking. You can freeze the batter in morning and fry in evening. You can save a lot of time.

Another thing is that BE LIGHT when you go for taraveeh, before taraveeh have a fruit juice and fruit chat as well as tea. Eat other food when you are back from taraveeh. This way you will be active while performing salah.
These were few tips from me. Well I am not a perfectionist but these are some tricks that really worked for me.
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Wish you all a very happy and blessed Ramadan. MAY ALLAH ACCEPT OUR PRAYERS, Ameen.
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