Cheese Cake

Nov 29, 2010

My recently tried recipe...I am bad at taking pictures so googled the exact match.
Make sure you get the deep baking dish as there are three layers. Also don't use the glass dish as you have to cut with knife, when ready.

Remember that products below are available in Saudi Arabia.Ask me if you have query about the quantity.


Butter 250 gm
Nestle cream (qishta) 2 packs ( or breakfast creams which come in medium small tin)
Liquid whipping cream 250 ml 2 packs
whipping cream powder form 2 packets containing 2 sachet
Kiri cheese cubes 12 pieces
Jelly 2 packets of Lime or any flavour of your choice
Jelly 2 packets of Lemon flavour.
Biscuit Digestive 500 gm
Strawberry Jelly for topping.


Melt butter in the sauce pan and add crushed biscuits into this melted butter. The butter should be melted on low heat. Mix the biscuits and butter very nicely and then spread it in a medium thick layer in the dish. and out the dish in the fridge.

Take 2 packets of lime jelly and mix it first in 1 cup of hot water. when it is dissolve nicely then put i cup of chilled water and mix it.(DON'T FREEZE IT). Put it aside.

Put 1 pack of nestle cream, 250 ml of liquid whipping cream, 1 sachet of powder whipping cream, 6 pieces of kiri cubes and the prepared jelly in the blender and blend it for 4-5 minutes. you will have a semi thick mixture put this mixture in the same dish in which you have put the biscuit layer. put it very nicely. and put it in the fridge for 10 - 12 min

Then for the second layer do the same just change the jelly flavour . do it with lemon flavour. and make same the layer and put it over the lime layer. but take care put it with the spoon . don not pour it....other wise it will disturb the lime layer.

Refrigerate the cake over night.add strawberry jelly which is prepared according to packet instructions and spread it on dish in liquid form and with the spoon.Then eat it in the next morning..
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Happy Hajj and Eid Ul Adha

Nov 17, 2010

salam alaikum!!!

Youm ul Arfa , a very important day passed and announced the arrival of Eid.
Aww am sorry for being late but...well...every homemaker knows..loads and loads of cleaning, cooking and blah blah. Well I just cooked Shami Kababs and Kheer for guests as we had lunch at my mother's place. I was late to bed i.e.after Eid Prayer. I was looking for a REAL LOVELY jalabia but didn't find any so wore shalwar kameez. We did not make sacrifice in Jeddah but sent money to Pakistan for this purpose.

My friend is performing Hajj mashallah. I asked her about weather and she said its too hot there.

Well we are already done with first day of Eid while some countries like Pakistan are celebrating it today. I wish you all a very happy Eid.

*Please read about Hajj and Eid ul Adha in detail at my another blog: GLOWING PEARLS
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McDonald's Toys to be Banned ???

Nov 9, 2010

I don't know if any of you is aware of this or not, but my DH told me that McDonald's toys, which come with "Happy Meals" for kids, are going to get banned as this UNHEALTHY food is causing weight gain and children are getting addicted to it due to those toys.
I told this REALLY BAD ;) news to my 10-years-old brother and he made sad "O" mouth which made me laugh :D

here is an extract from a site:
The measure, believed to be the first of its kind in the United States, is being introduced in Santa Clara County, an area of 1.7 million people that includes Silicon Valley.

One quarter of children in the area are overweight or obese and officials say they are tackling an "obesity epidemic".They said toys were being used to lure children to high calorie foods loaded with salt.

Ken Yeager, the county supervisor behind the ban, said: "This prevents restaurants from preying on children's love of toys to peddle high calorie, high fat, high sodium kids' meals. It breaks the link between unhealthy food and prizes."

Food outlets will be stopped from offering toys with meals that do not meet a set of basic nutrition standards. There will be a limit of 485 calories per meal.

But Harlan Levy of McDonald's disagreed, saying: "It substitutes the county's judgment for the judgment of parents. It does nothing to address a holistic response to the problem."

Happy Meals were introduced in 1979 and since then, toys offered with food have become increasingly elaborate.
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Carpet or just Tiles?

Nov 2, 2010

I always find it easy to have carpets, first of all it is guest ready while tiles are messed up very early, even walking bare footed make tiles look untidy sometimes.We have carpets in our bedrooms but tiles in drawing room, living room and passage. Its fine to have them in Kitchen and Washroom ;) as they need mopping most of the time.

What do you prefer?
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