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Salam Alaikum, I am a Pakistani woman and a homemaker. I got wed in September 2007 and by the grace of Allah I became mother in 2012 to a sweet girl. I was a teacher before marriage but after wards my husband didn't allow me so its just me and my home :). I didn't know how to cook and learned everything after my marriage and Inshallah I plan to share ONLY REALLY AUTHENTIC recipes with you here which got appreciation from my family. I live in Joint family. There are lot of issues on which homemakers discussion take place like cooking, home, fashion, relations, personal matters, religious issues etc. So I will try to share all stuff that happens in homemaker's life, A MUSLIMAH HOMEMAKER'S life.I like to do creative work on net and spend my free time here.I also love reading books.I hope you all will support me make my life better being a homemaker. I love to build relation with all sisters :) and love to see precious comments by you all. Let the Journey begin...
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