Dec 6, 2010

Many women to day are independent, successful, educated, professional, and self-sufficient.
These are the standards whereby we measure "success" and people with these characteristics are what we regard as "intelligent" as opposed to "uneducated."
However, careful analysis reveals that the woman of the house fulfills the following roles:

1. She has to be a wife to her husband.

2. She has to be a mother to her children.

3. She is a teacher, teaching her children between right and wrong.

4. She is a tutor, assisting with homework.

5. She is a psychologist, using her intellect in daily struggles with husband and children.

6. She is a counselor, counseling the children when a bully hits them.

7. She is a financier, budgeting the household expenses.

8. She is a chef, preparing the meals.

9. She is a baker, baking on special occasions.

10. She is a tailor, mending clothes.

11. She is a driver, ferrying the kids to and from school.

12. She is a buyer and store clerk, ensuring that all basic necessities are in the house.

13. She is a switchboard operator, answering the constantly ringing phone.

14. She is a receptionist, answering the door and receiving guests and visitors.

15. She is a waitress, feeding everyone at mealtime before she feeds herself.

Considering the above multi-faceted roles of our wives/mothers/sisters in society,
it really surprises me when a woman is asked what job she has and her typical reply is "Oh, I don't work.
I just sit at home. I'm a homemaker." Homemaker indeed! This "homemaker" is actually the CEO,
the general manager of your house. She is the senior executive and fully fledged board member of the fraternity that you call home.
She ensures that everything (most of the time) runs smoothly with military precision.
(Sadly however, some women fritter their life away by sleeping, shopping, and gossiping.)

Is a HOMEMAKER Really Unemployed???

Read More: http://cafechillpill.com/forum/house-chat/homemaker/new/#new#ixzz17JdoPr4g


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