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Feb 19, 2013
Who love Biggest Loser? I am a big fan of it and the most interesting point about it is how trainers just dont miss the chance to make the contestants to stand up and do it!!! I really enjoyed such scene when blue team lost the challange and it had to stay in kids room with lot of attractive stuff..for ONE WHOLE WEEK....and contestants became so lazy and coach potatoes, there came Bob Harper and contestants were like OMG...we know what he is gonna do with us...lolz
I have never ever played with deck of cards and really don't know to use it but when I saw on Biggest Loser  's latest season how Bob used those, I loved that idea...I really want to do workout this way and I think its not necessary that we should really actually buy those cards but can do variety from our creative minds too.
I saw this image of how he used the cards a helpful one and hope it explains all and impresses my readers the way it did to me :) Please do click on second image for detailed view.

click it to enlarge...


{ Ali@WarmFuzzyApps } at: February 19, 2013 at 6:18 PM said...

There's an app for that! Try RipDeck, a deck of cards iPhone workout app.

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