Save Time in Cooking and Spend More Time with Allah

Jul 2, 2014

I liked this post on facebook so sharing here:
For the women who will be cooking this Ramadan, don't cook anything extra,in fact meals should be more simple. Simply put, the whole aim of Ramadan is gaining taqwa and you can't do that if you don't feel the pain of hunger. Don't waste your precious time standing for hours in the kitchen.
πŸ’Tips for time utilization in relation to food:
πŸ’1- Search fun,simple and quick recipes now and save them for Ramadan. It took me a long time to find quick,simple and good recipes but it was time well spent.
πŸ’2- Try and do meals that depend on putting something in the oven or slow cooker that doesn't necessarily need you standing there.
πŸ’3- Limit frying as much as possible. It wastes time and is not healthy anyway.
πŸ’4- Kids breakfast,lunch and snacks during the day should be healthy but choose no cooking options. Plenty of raw fruit and veggies, healthy smoothies,sandwiches....etc.
πŸ’5- Limit extra sweets, so you don't cook more and more importantly so we actually feel what poor people go through.
πŸ’6- Minimize extravagant outings ,meals at restaurants...etc for the same reason above,save the money towards giving charity. Ramadan isn't about more food , it should be the opposite. We should hardly care about it except to give us energy to continue.
πŸ’7- Explain your plan to your husband/kids so everyone knows what to expect, ask for their support and to make this Ramadan about paradise NOT the kitchen.
πŸ’8-Minimize having guests over or going to dinner, and if you do try and make it so everyone going makes a dish so not one person is left with all the cooking to do. If you have gatherings try and get some spiritual benefit out of it even if you just share one hadith with them.
πŸ’9- Don't forget to put an intention while cooking that you are making iftar for a fasting person,even if it is your husband and children.
πŸ’10- Listen to a lesson or quran while cooking. Or simply just make any zikr, try not to waste any time.
πŸ’11- Cook meals now and freeze them if possible. Even if it's something simple like for example you are making a meal with mince, make extra and freeze half. Later on just boil some spaghetti, add red sauce and the frozen mince and you have a meal.
πŸ’12- DON'T waste any food,eat leftovers and don't cook any new meals unless you have finished the previous one.
πŸ’13- Try not to cook every day and cook for at least 2 days in advance. Remember it's NOT about the food.
I personally know people who have died recently and missed out on this opportunity to start over and reconnect with Allah. We pray that we all make it to Ramadan and benefit from it, Aameen.


{ Khadija } at: July 18, 2014 at 6:19 PM said...

Great tips!! Very inspirational sister
:) xx


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